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What is Group Airfare?:

Group airfares are available for 10 or more passengers travelling together on (at least one) the same flights on the same dates. 


For groups, special fares can be requested directly with the airlines. These fares are not available on online booking sites.

Our experienced Group Travel Coordinator will work with you to get you the best group airfares possible.  We will we save you time and stress, and on top of that we can also save you money.

Types of groups

we offer group airfares for:

  • Church groups
  • Missions trips
  • Student groups
  • school trips
  • Musical groups
  • Sport groups
  • Volunteer groups
  • and many more...


From and to every location in the world, or around the world, we thrive to find the best solution for your group.

Give us a chance and we will surprise you!

Why Book a group fare for your flights?: 

There is a huge difference in booking individual air tickets and booking group airline tickets .


Group space (seats) can be contracted & held for several months without booking the names of the individual passengers, with only a deposit payment.

See all Advantages of Group Travel  and the Group Travel Checklist here.


SIAMA World Mission Travel, based in the Netherlands, is operating since 1970. We are specialized in Missionary and humanitarian travel, we know the field.  And we know the airlines.  We think of solutions that you might not come up with yourself.


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